Monday, 6 May 2013

"A long time ago..."

Holy crap. An update.

Before I get into the strip and update, I just want to apologize for... well, not updating. Our last update was about three weeks ago, and even then it wasn't exactly a real update.

These past few weeks have been very hectic. I've been very busy with my full time job, things have been getting very stressful, on top of that I've been having some issues with some other personal matters that I won't get into here. Normally, we try and update on Tuesdays or Thursdays (preferably both if we can) but since today is a public holiday, I've decided the update will be today. Sorry about that. Hopefully we can get into a regular schedule again.

Right. This strip is going back a few years, back when my brother and I first played Star Wars: Battlefront II on the PS2. That's going back about seven or eight years ago, maybe even nine. It was a long time ago.

I remember we were playing online, well my brother was. The match was set on Endor, Rebel Alliance versus the Galactic Empire. My brother's on the Rebel side, blastin' away some stormtroopers and suddenly, he's got the option to play as a hero character, in this case it's Han-fucking-Solo. We were blown away by this, we thought it was awesome. I then pondered out loud,

"I wonder who the Empire gets?"

My sentence was interrupted as suddenly, from out of nowhere, Darth Vader landed on screen in front of Han Solo, cut him down with one strike of his lightsaber, before jumping away off screen.

"What... what the fuck was that?"

I can't remember if that was the exact spoken words, but that's how my brother and I were both feeling at the time, staring at the TV in shock.

The idea of this strip came back from flooding memories, when a friend of mine sent me an MMS of the recent Steam sale over the weekend. A tonne of Star Wars games, some of which I really enjoyed, for fifty bucks. Holy. Shit. No wonder people often say buying off Steam is dangerous and addictive.

I think there were two reasons that there was a massive sale on Steam for Star Wars games. The now widely celebrated "May the Fourth" recently just passed this weekend and also, as everyone is well aware now, Lucas Arts have recently shut down after they were purchased by Disney. I know Lucas Arts wasn't doing that great recently but they had made some awesome Star Wars games, not to mention that upcoming Star Wars: 1313 looked great, now we may never see the light of day, which is very sad. I love Disney, but I'm still sad that they shut down Lucas Arts.

That's about it. Hopefully we'll have another strip by this Thursday or at the very least, next Tuesday. I think I would feel a lot better and happier with myself if we can return to a regular schedule of comic uploads.

Have a good week!

-Cr33g (Craig)