Monday, 26 November 2012

"Am I right?"

02 - "Am I right?"

Today's comic is about Resident Evil 6.

I think it's pretty cool that in a lot of games today, like Resident Evil 6, characters will show signs of damage, wear and tear and all that stuff as the game goes on. They get cuts, bruises, scratches, covered and dirt etc, just like in movies. I think it's great how that detail can be achieved on the character models in today's games. Funny thing about Resident Evil 6 is despite the damage they take, their hair is still absolutely perfect. Especially Leon's... "Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Kennedy!"

We were lucky here in Australia to get Resident Evil 6 a week earlier than everybody else, all because some sneaky son of a bitch decided to break the release date a week early. Bless you, sneaky son of a bitch, where ever you are.

Resident Evil 6 is clearly a co-op game, but since my brother was studying for uni at the time I decided to play it solo. It wasn't so bad on solo. Unlike Resident Evil 5, you don't have to take care of your partner. Sure, they're still not very smart, but they're not your problem. You can just, go do your thing while they do their thing. They can't die, unless you're in a certain part of the game where the storyline requires you to save them. Then yeah they can die.

The game play has changed a fair bit compared to previous games... is it for the better? I'm not entirely sure. Resident Evil 6 honestly plays like the Dead Space games. You run around like you do in every third person shooter, you can sprint, slide on the ground, do dive rolls and other stuff. Using guns is almost the same except now, you can walk while aiming and firing. Innovating, right? Kind of, I guess. Okay no, not really. There's a cover system too, but you're seriously better off not using it. Melee combat has been changed, now it's no longer a quick time trigger but rather, well, tap R1 to beat the crap out of people and bust out combos. It is actually kinda fun and it can save ammo, but sometimes it's a good idea to not try and kick everything in the face. The game play isn't bad but, it actually gets pretty repetitive.

The game consists of three campaigns, which is a new approach to the Resident Evil franchise. You can do any campaign in any order you like. You can start with Leon Kennedy and his new partner Helena, or Chris Redfield with his new partner Piers. Finally there's new character Jake Mueller, son of Albert Wesker (that's not a spoiler, you pretty much find that out right away) teaming up with Resident Evil 2 character Sherry Birken, now a er, arse kicking government agent lady. If you complete all campaigns, then Ada Wong becomes available as a solo only campaign.

All characters pretty much play the same. Their animations are all different sure but they play pretty much exactly the same, with the exception of Jake. Jake's unarmed "weapon" grants him unarmed combat skills that the other characters don't have, crazy kung fu. It's pretty cool and as Jake, you'll find yourself using it a lot due to the lack of ammo.

Hands down, Leon's campaign is the best. He gets to fight old school zombies. Chris and Jake on the other hand? Their campaign feels like a very generic third person shooter. You'll be fighting mostly enemies like the Ganados in Resident Evil 4, except most of them have guns. It feels like Gears of War, but not as awesome. I loved Leon's campaign, Chris' campaign was okay but in all honestly, I was struggling through Jake's... not because of its difficulty, but because it was getting really boring and I just wanted to finish the game.

Graphically, Resident Evil 6 is pretty awesome, especially the cut scenes. The music is pretty sweet too with its intense orchestra. Most of the voice acting is actually pretty good and most of the dialogue is actually pretty good too, which is surprising, but there still are a few occasional cheesy lines, which is a pre-requisite for the Resident Evil games. The storyline is well, not so much confusing, just not exactly told in a very coherent manner.

If you've got a buddy to play with, Resident Evil 6 is really worth a look. If you're playing alone though? I'd only suggest the game if you're a fan of the franchise. Overall yeah it's pretty good but... I was really looking forward to this one and while I had a good time for most of the game, I was left disappointed.

I hope Dead Space 3 is good.

-Craig (Cr33g)