Tuesday, 2 April 2013

"Deviant, indeed"

Our latest strip is about the deviantly deviant art site deviantART.

Now with deviantART I've got a love/hate relationship with that place. On one hand, it's a place where many wonderfully talented artists showcase some brilliant work. Many of them are professional and many of them are hobbyists, while also just being really good at what they do. That's the "love" part. Unfortunately, deviantART is also a site that, well... there's a lot of weird shit there. I'm aware that deviantART has an adult filter tag. Mine is off, because sometimes you do get some genuine "adult" art that is actually good and tasteful... well, my adult filter was off, I should say. It's safely back on now. I strongly recommend it.

I don't understand half of what gets submitted to deviantART. I'll say it again. It has a lot of weird shit. You've got stuff like, drawings of overly obese "furry" characters in little to no clothing, photos of people's feet, MySpace style shots as photography and some pretty much pornographic photos claiming to be "art".

Recently I decided to check out the new submissions page of deviantART, the latest art pieces on the site. Who knows, there might have been something cool there. Something unknown. There are a lot of brilliant artists and brilliant art pieces on that site which don't get much recognition there. Maybe there was something just waiting on the front page for me? Oh yeah. There was something waiting for me all right. I shit you not, I swear to God, the very first picture I saw on the new submissions page was a photo of some dude's dick.

I was stunned. It was just... there. Some dude's wang. Just hanging out.

I looked at the thumb nail, and I said to myself,

"Why would someone take a photo of their dick and throw it up on deviantART?"

Then I thought to myself,

"It's not even a good photo!" 

Seriously, it was a terrible photo. The quality was really bad and grainy, it looked like it had been taken with a mobile phone or something. The lighting was terrible and it was obviously really unplanned. It's like the guy decided to get his iPhone out, pull down his pants and snap a shot of his junk.

I stopped. I then realised something dark, something dreadful about all this...

"I'm critiquing a thumbnail photo of a dick." 

The site was then closed.

I still visit deviantART, albeit with the adult filter now turned on. I do have an account there myself where I upload some of my works, even the comics created by my brother and I. I was hoping deviantART might inspire me to draw again, maybe spark my creativity into a flame, but strangely I've found Penny Arcade's Strip Search reality web show to be doing that for me. If you'd like to check out my page and some of my artworks, you can visit it... RIGHT HERE.

Despite all the amazing talent and skill that lies within deviantART, it's like the Cave of Wonders from Disney's Aladdin, as it speaks, "Find the diamond in the rough", that basically means in order to find something cool on deviantART, you're going to have to dig your way through creepy fetish photography, furries, bad fan art and well, apparently now photos of dicks. Even with the adult filter on, you'll still find some weird shit.

I understand that art is about expression of one's opinion and feelings, but seriously... a dick. Really?

You've been warned and I wish you luck.

-Cr33g (Craig)