Saturday, 6 April 2013

Artwork and games!

While I don't exactly have a "schedule" per say, I like to try and upload a comic on either Tuesday or Thursday, sometimes both if I'm lucky, but I drew this last night and decided to upload it today. The original sketch was done on a tiny post it note, but I threw it onto my computer to reconstruct it as a high resolution drawing in colour. It's a cartoon version of me and how I often dream about drawing comics. 

Since our last blog entry wasn't exactly a blog entry, we'll compensate for that right here in this blog entry. Oh yes. Oh yeah. Let's talk about nerdy shit. Like games. 

I picked up Tomb Raider for the PS3 back in February. I thought it was an amazing game. It was so much fun to play. The cover system feels so natural and fluid, melee combat is brutal, raiding tombs and finding treasures is fun. All of Lara's weapons are upgraded over time to be better and more bad arse, while Lara too also levels up and acquires new abilities and skills. It is a really fun game to play. The story line is okay, I really appreciate the new, re-imagined "a survivor is born" Lara Croft, but some of the game's story is a bit contradicting. So Lara and her friends are stuck on an island with a bunch of crazy cultist types who are trapped there too, they're horrible, violent people and Lara is forced to kill another human being herself in order to survive. It's a powerful and emotional scene, but as soon as Lara gets a weapon she becomes a one man (or woman) army and the more brutal Lara is with her enemies, the more experience points she receives. This kind of game play mechanism kinda defeats the purpose of the emotional side of things... but it's fun. Real fun. Apparently though if I got Tomb Raider on the PC, then I could have enjoyed having Lara Croft with super realistic mad flowy hair. Maybe she's born with it? 

Far Cry 3 is a little bit similar to Tomb Raider, but I should say it in vice versa really. You and your mates on an island with a bunch of psycho violent pirates, you as Jason Brody escapes and ends up having to do terrible things to rescue his friends. Lara is similar to Jason, originally a completely innocent noob, who then picks up a weapon and begins to kill in order to survive, becoming a bad arse in the process. Far Cry 3 approaches the concept a bit differently, but it's similar. Other than that, Far Cry 3 is amazing too. It looks awesome, you can go anywhere like any free roaming sandbox, there's a lot to do and the freedom you're given to approach missions is absolutely amazing. Far Cry 3 is a game that is guaranteed to give you lots of fun. 

I seem to be only going on about games that involve running around with guns, because that's exactly what you do in Crysis 3, albeit you do it in a real cool awesome high tech muscle power suit thing. For the most part, Crysis 3 is pretty fun. I don't follow the story line at all because the game's plot doesn't capture my interest very well. Using the stealth powers of the suit is pretty cool and while the game isn't as free roaming as it used to be, it still does offer a decent degree of freedom. That new predator bow weapon is awesome to use, a little too awesome though. It seems like a completely broken weapon. Yeah it's fun to use but seriously it kills almost everything in one hit and then it has arrow types, like grenade and electrical. I've heard of some players refusing to use the bow because it makes things too easy but uh, it's still sweet. Graphically as expected, Crysis 3 is mind blowing and running it on a PC will require some serious hardware. I don't know how Crysis 3 looks on the consoles but I'm gonna guess it'll look pretty good, but probably not as awesome as PC. 

You've probably heard by now, but last year Disney had acquired game developing company LucasArts. Well, sadly Disney has decided to shut down LucasArt and lay off all of its employees. As much as I love Disney, I was completely stunned by this decision and even felt really sad about it. LucasArts was a great developer responsible for the Star Wars gaming franchise and even some real old school adventure games back in the day. It wasn't uncommon to hear that LucasArts wasn't doing too well, but we were all holding out for their upcoming dark, third person shooter Star Wars: 1313. Disney has announced that Star Wars: 1313 has been put on "halt" so who knows, maybe this game will see the light of day through the hands of another developer, but will it be as good as LucasArt's original work? Will it be completely changed? Or maybe it won't come out at all? 

Finally, I tried out the demo of Injustice: Gods Among Us last night, the new DC Comics' fighting game from the makers of the most recent Mortal Kombat. There were only three playable characters, Batman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. Only two stages and only one mode to play, a classic arcade mode where you fight against said available characters and then go toe to toe Doomsday at the end. I think so far it's a fun game, it feels similar to Mortal Kombat but a lot faster and more fluid. While I know and understand that this game is based off a comic franchise, there are a few things that raise my eyebrow. We all know Batman is a pretty strong guy, but how can he possibly throw a combination of punches and kicks at a power suit wearing Lex Luthor, followed by picking up a massive garbage container and smashing Lex in his stupid bald face to send him flying? Don't get me wrong, I thought it was awesome, but it was kind of silly, even for DC. Regardless, it was fun, I look forward to seeing the full version in the next two weeks.

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Cr33g (Craig)