Thursday, 6 December 2012

"The Great Debate"

This one is about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Skyrim is an epic game. Absolutely amazing. I got it for my PS3 and spent so many hours immersing myself in that game... with every right too, when it came out, I was off work for recovery for knee surgery. It was the best, laziest week of my life. One thing that I found interesting was on the loading screens, the game would offer a bit of information and lore of the world of Skyrim. The loading times on the PS3 were slow, but at least there was something to read... except, one message in particular. One particular loading screen explains that when a dragon attacks, it's actually speaking in its native language. So apparently when two dragons fight each other, it is actually a "deadly verbal debate". Really?

My brother and I have been playing the new Nintendo Wii U, with our first and only game being ZombiU. Holy crap, that game is intense. I seriously can't remember the last time a game freaked me out so much. I've actually jumped a few times. It really is "survival horror". It's freaky as hell, zombies in groups of three or four are very dangerous, one bite kills, ammo and guns are rare... like I said before, it's intense. I've died about seven or eight times and despite my raging, I'm loving this game.

We got a chance to play the New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii U, courtesy of a friend of mine. In all honesty, it plays exactly like the previous New Super Mario Bros. but with a few adjustments. If you've got some people to play with, it's a really fun game, especially if someone uses the gamepad. See, you can have two to five players in multiplayer. One to four players take a Wii-mote each, while one player takes the gamepad and essentially acts as a 'helper', supplying jumping blocks, stunning and taking out enemies etc, all via the touch screen on the gamepad. This person can either make, or break the game, if they decide to be a massive troll or something.

I fell in love with the New Super Mario Bros' presentation. The graphics are beautiful. It's so smooth, so colourful and so clean, with a frame rate of sixty frames per second. It really does look beautiful. I've heard a lot of reviewers say it's the same graphics as the Wii but in HD resolution. I guess that just goes to show how important art direction and presentation is, compared to raw graphical power, huh?

My recommendation? ZombiU is worth picking up for any Wii U owner. The New Super Mario Bros. is an excellent choice too, if you've got people to play with.

In other gaming news, Far Cry 3 came out last week here in Australia and review-wise, it's looking good. To me it looks a lot better than Far Cry 2. I'm really tempted to grab a copy but I'll probably hold out for a little while, because I'm actually heading out of town shortly for a holiday. We'll still be posting comics and blog entries twice a week, however at the end of the month, I'm actually venturing off overseas to America for three weeks with a few friends, so comic updates may be a little slow then.

-Cr33g (Craig)